Vorex PSA FAQs: Security & Technology Details

Vorex PSA FAQs: Security & Technology Details

  1. Where will you host my data? How do I know my data is secure? We use the best professional data centers in the world, Softlayer (an IBM® company) and SingleHop. Many fortune 500 enterprises rely on these two data center companies to host their sensitive data. They both have the highest standards in security and multi-location backup facilities. Access to our data centers is restricted only to authorized personnel, have 24 hour video surveillance, have diesel generators and battery backups, and much more. Also, the data itself is protected by dual level authentication, and multiple other security procedures.
  1. What technology does Vorex use? The system is built using Microsoft .NET technology. We also utilize Microsoft SQL engines to store the data. These are well trusted and extremely reliable technologies. We do not try to save money by utilizing open source code, nor unknown technologies.
  1. Are you compatible with both Windows and Apple iOS? What about compatibility with all the major Internet browser? Vorex PSA is compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems. Vorex PSA is cross browser compatible, including compatibility with Internet Explorer ®, Firefox ®, Chrome ®, as well as Safari ®.
  1. Is Vorex PSA mobile enabled for tablets and smart phones? Absolutely, Vorex is built to work on all mobile devices – including Android and iPad tablets and smartphones.

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“The simplicity of Vorex’s PSA Project software provided streamlined efficiency around compliance and allowed us the opportunity to implement and define a customized workflow that is working well for us.” - Robert Wittenstein, Alere