Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Nurture & Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Working in tandem with the entire Vorex Business Management suite, this comprehensive PSA and CRM solution stores all your client contacts, sales opportunities and follow-up activities in one easily accessible location:

  • Keep Your Contacts at Your Fingertips: Vorex PSA puts all your contacts, your opportunities & your projects in one place
  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships: With integrated CRM, Vorex becomes the central hub of your client relationships
  • Maximize Revenue Potential: Integrated forecasting and quoting creates clearer insights over every pipeline opportunity


CRM Dashboard screen
Service Desk Dashboard screen

Centralized Contact Management

Roll Every Client, Prospect & Employee into a Single Database

Stop sifting through an ever-growing list of address books, spreadsheets and handwritten notes. The Vorex CRM creates a centralized repository for all your business contacts, prospects, employees, stakeholders and current customers.

CRM Dashboard screen

Opportunity, Activity, Project & Task Tracking

Bring Unity to Sales, Marketing & Project Management

The Vorex CRM is more than just a centralized database for tracking and following up on your prospects and opportunities. Instead of having one set of tools for sales, another for projects and another for marketing, Vorex rolls everything into one complete platform.

Quick, Accurate, & Timely Quotes

Maximize Revenue While Hitting Every Deadline

Accurately auto-generate fixed or line-item quotes based on projected costs, current workflow and actual employee bill rates. By leveraging these real-time insights, your sales team can start building accurate quotes and project plans during the prospecting phase.

CRM Clients screen

One-Click Opportunity to Project Conversion

Create a Smoother Transition Between Sales & Project Managers

Vorex streamlines the handoff between sales associates and project leaders. Every document, every quote, every recorded conversation and every expectation is seamlessly and automatically built into the project management dashboard. And because every resource, workflow and project has already been carefully calculated, building project plans becomes as simple as clicking a button.

Why Vorex?

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What our clients are saying...

“The simplicity of Vorex’s PSA Project software provided streamlined efficiency around compliance and allowed us the opportunity to implement and define a customized workflow that is working well for us.” - Robert Wittenstein, Alere