PSA Features

PSA Software Features

Manage, Track & Grow Your Business All From One Platform

More than just project management, more than just ticketing, and more than just CRM, Vorex integrates all your essential backend processes into one easy to navigate system. With Vorex’s long list of integrated business management features, you will always have a clear line of sight on what it takes to keep your business moving forward.

PSA Features

Service Desk Dashboard screen
Projects Screen

Project & Task Management

Manage Every Project from One Cloud-Based Dashboard
Through a cloud-based project management dashboard, everything you need to create, staff and manage your projects is available from anywhere you have internet access:

  • Single Integrated Dashboard
  • Intuitive Gantt Charts
  • Built-in Collaboration Tools
Timesheets screen

Integrated Time Tracking

Stay on Schedule & Under Budget with Integrated Time Tracking
Designed to streamline the way you enter, manage and track time, Vorex PSA rolls all your timesheets - from every client and every project - into one easy-to-navigate dashboard:

  • Web-Based Time Tracking
  • Customized Approval Workflows
  • Overage and Compliance Limitations
Finance Expense screen

Real-Time Expense Tracking

Track, Monitor & Control Business Expenses from Anywhere
Designed to bring an end to the chaos of tracking expense receipts, emails and spreadsheets, Vorex gives you one place to track and manage every expense:

  • Accurate Expense Management
  • Paperless Expense Tracking
  • Accounting Software Integration
Service Desk Dashboard screen

Ticketing & Service Tracking

Ticket, Track & Resolve Every Request
Vorex brings simplicity and clarity to how you manage customer requests. Serving as a central hub for your dispatch and field service workers, the Vorex Service Desk delivers the visibility you need to ensure every request gets ticketed, tracked and resolved:

  • Quick Ticketing
  • Integrated SLA and Contract Management
  • Service, Client and Ticketing History
CRM Clients screen

Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Connect Your Pipeline to Your Day-to-Day Business Operations
Working in conjunction with the entire Vorex business management suite, the Vorex CRM stores all your contacts, opportunities and follow-up activities in one easily accessible location:

  • Real-time Opportunity and Sales Reporting
  • Fast, Accurate and Integrated Quotes
  • Collaboration Tools and Live Chatting
Invoicing screen

Automated Invoicing & Billing

Maximize Your Cash Flow with Error-Free Invoicing
Say goodbye to juggling separate tools for managing your projects and billing your customers. With automated customer billing, Vorex PSA delivers everything you need to track and bill from one integrated dashboard:

  • One Dashboard for All Client Expenses
  • Time, Expense, Material and Fixed-Fee Billing
  • Permission and Rules Based Billing Rates

Resource Management and Utilization

Manage Your Resources More Efficiently & Profitably
Stop taking a best-guess approach to managing your resources. With integrated resource management, you always have a clear line of sight on resource availability, workflow and profitability:

  • Resource, Asset and Hardware Management
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Employee and Asset Utilization Reporting
Service Desk SLA screen

Client Management

Turn Every Customer Into a Raving Fan
With one place for all your customer information, ticket requests, service history, conversations and billing, Vorex delivers the tools you need to build stronger customer relationships:

  • Integrated Service Requests and Client History
  • Customer Contracts and SLAs
  • Contacts, Billing and Service History
Business Process Email Templates screen

Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Centralize, Store and Share Everything
Vorex PSA puts an end to separate software, spreadsheets and handwritten notes. Instead, with integrated email, chat and knowledge management, everything you need to move your business forward is accessible from one dashboard:

  • Integrated Email
  • Internal Chat Tools
  • Integrated Knowledge Management
HR Dashboard screen

Human Resources

Centralize All Your Employee Information
With a built-in HR toolset, Vorex PSA is a true end-to-end business management solution. Featuring an integrated employee portal and company directory, you now have a single place to centralize employee information, automate requests and manage workflow:

  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • HR Benefits and Document Management
  • Employee Directory and Skill Repository
Service Desk Dashboard screen

Mobile Dashboard Control

Manage, Track & Record Your Time & Expenses From Anywhere
As a cloud-based business management platform, Vorex is built to let you take your office everywhere you go. Log time, manage resources and track your workflow from any desktop, tablet or mobile device:

  • Mobile Time, Expense and Resource Tracking
  • Cloud-based Business Management
  • Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop Compatible
CRM Clients screen

Best-of-Breed Software Integrations

Integrate Your Processes with Best-of-Breed Tools
With a growing list of natively integrated software and a long list of integrated APIs, Vorex is engineered to work in tandem with the software you are already using to move your business forward:

  • Native Integration with QuickBooks
  • API Integrations Available
  • Data Export Made Simple

Why Vorex?

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What our clients are saying...

“The simplicity of Vorex’s PSA Project software provided streamlined efficiency around compliance and allowed us the opportunity to implement and define a customized workflow that is working well for us.” - Robert Wittenstein, Alere