PSA | Project

Project, Time & Expense Tracking

Unify Your Projects, Tasks, Time & Expenses
With real-time tracking of hours, tasks, expenses and resources, Vorex PSA puts everything you need to manage your business all in one place:

  • One integrated dashboard for all your projects, tasks, resources, timesheets & expenses.
  • Customized workflow to match your exact business processes and backend operations.
  • Web-based business management applications that let you manage & track your business from anywhere.

With three products to choose from, Vorex PSA | Project offers the software scaled to your needs. Browse our product list below to find the solution that is right for you.

PSA | Project

Projects Screen

Project and Task Management

Manage Every Project from One Cloud-Based Dashboard
Through a cloud-based project management dashboard, everything you need to create, staff and manage your projects is available from anywhere you have internet access:

  • Single Integrated Dashboard
  • Intuitive Gantt Charts
  • Built-in Collaboration Tools

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Timesheets screen

Time Tracking

Stay on Schedule and Under Budget with Integrated Time Tracking
Designed to streamline the way you enter, manage and track time, Vorex PSA rolls all your timesheets - from every client and every project - into one easy-to-navigate dashboard:

  • Web-Based Time Tracking
  • Customized Approval Workflows
  • Overage and Compliance Limitations

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Finance Expense screen

Expense Tracking

Track, Monitor and Control Business Expenses from Anywhere
Designed to bring an end to the chaos of tracking expense receipts, emails and spreadsheets, Vorex gives you one place to track and manage every expense:

  • Accurate Expense Management
  • Paperless Expense Tracking
  • Accounting Software Integration

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Finance Dashboard screen

Budgeting & Forecasting

Focus on Today While Planning for Tomorrow
With integrated budgeting and forecasting, Vorex PSA | Project helps you stay ahead of your projects while gaining insights on how to evolve your business:

  • Real-time Budgeting
  • Project Forecasting
  • Up-to-the-Minute Reporting

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Resource Utilization

View All Your Resources, Workloads & Projects with a Single Glance
Through integrated resource allocation and utility reporting, Vorex PSA | Project gives you the tools you need to reduce staffing time and forecast resources needs, all while staying within budget:

  • Utilization Resource Reporting
  • Task-Level Control
  • Smart Staffing

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What our clients are saying...

“The simplicity of Vorex’s PSA Project software provided streamlined efficiency around compliance and allowed us the opportunity to implement and define a customized workflow that is working well for us.” - Robert Wittenstein, Alere