What’s the Difference Between Project Management and PSA?

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We’re often tasked with explaining the difference between project management and professional services automation (PSA) when it comes to our business management solution. While each aspect serves a unique purpose and has a highly distinct audience, they both deliver the same benefits to small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs)- streamlined operations, improved business insights, increased productivity within the organization and, most importantly, increased profitability. Read More What’s the Difference Between Project Management and PSA?

5 Time-saving Tools for Agency Owners

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You show up to work and the office phone rings. Your cell phone is constantly buzzing with beeps and notifications, and when you open your email, it’s flooded with a seemingly never-ending stream of new messages.

Flipping to your calendar is no better because your entire day is booked back-to-back with internal and client-facing meetings. Not to mention, the end of the month is approaching which means it’s time to calculate expenses, bill clients and pay out employees. Read More 5 Time-saving Tools for Agency Owners

Tips for Scaling a Rapidly Growing Business

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Simply starting a business is the most difficult step toward success. But growing that business is a very close second.

While growth should always be on your mind, ensuring that the growth is steady and consistent helps you allocate proper resources and manage said expansion. If the growth is too fast, you might not be prepared. If the growth begins rapidly, then slows down, you might have employees who are underutilized. Being prepared to scale for any type of growth that you could encounter is a critical success factor.

Read More Tips for Scaling a Rapidly Growing Business

5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Project Management

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When managing your company projects, there are several factors you have to balance to achieve success – overvaluing any single aspect can throw your entire team askew. Your best competitors embrace the discipline of balance. Asking yourself, “What’s their secret?” can lead to methods and techniques you can learn from your competitors to make your company projects more successful. Read More 5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Project Management

7 Common Misconceptions About Project Management

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Almost all employees have an opinion about project management, and more often than not, it is an unfavorable view. On its own, project management is not an activity that’s directly tied to revenue, making it easy to form misconceptions about the role of project management, especially when its aims are not clearly communicated to team members. Read More 7 Common Misconceptions About Project Management

Change Your Business with New Vorex Features

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At Vorex, our development team never sleeps. We’re continually refining our solution to deliver the absolute best online PSA and project management features to help busy business owners streamline day-to-day operations.

Earlier this week, we released even more functions designed to empower your business. In addition to your favorite Vorex features like invoicing, billing, service desk and ticketing and time tracking, our cloud-based solution now also includes:

  • Enhanced Native CRM - New dashboards for better visibility into your clients, opportunities and sales pipeline, plus one-click conversion of opportunities into projects and contracts and a new quotation module that enables you to create and email quotes from within the CRM module. We’ve also added several new reports for prospects and clients.
  • Search Employees by Skill – Easily find the most qualified employee for a project, saving you time and improving customer service.
  • New Reports – In addition to the CRM Reports, there are new Project Reports for improved project insight and Reimbursements Summary and Detail Reports to help track your employees’ expenses and reimbursements.
  • Resource Utilization Screen – An interactive display that shows your employees’ utilization level over a week, month and year period. Now you don’t have to guess who is busy and who needs more work.
  • Improved Expenses Insight within Projects - Project managers can add Expenses to Projects dashboards, enabling better financial insight for projects. The Financial Tab within the Projects dashboard has also been enhanced, including critical budgeting information such as used/remaining hours, expenses, budgets and billing revenue details.

These are just some of the new features of Vorex’s latest release that have the power to change your business, your life and your world through simplified PSA and project management. If you’re logged into Vorex, click on “About” to see the full list.

We have lots of exciting developments on the roadmap for later this quarter (can you say multi-currency, Gantt Charts for multiple projects, integrations with RMM tools and backup vendors, among others?). You won’t want to miss what we have in store!

If you’re not already a customer, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a 14-day free trial to see what your life can be like when you start chasing your dreams instead of a status report.